SURF Lessons

Santa Barbara surfing

Santa Barbara is home to excellent winter swells and summer bumps.  Riding waves are not only fun, but empowering.  Our surf lessons typically take place at Leadbetter point, where we have a great right hand forgiving break; best to learn on.  Depending on the swell or group experience, we can meet at a variety of breaks in the area.  We are the closest surf shop to Leadbetter point, a great beginner wave.  All instructors have a vast knowledge of surfing and are passionate about teaching.  We can tailor the lesson to your experience. All equipment needed is included, just show up with a smile.

Pricing: $95/person  |  2+ppl  $85  |  4+ppl  $75

Duration: 1.5-2hrs

Start Time: 10am (call for other times)

Min age: 7 yrs old